This was a pitch for an educational series where the hero is a Lara Croft-type character that goes into movie scenes to try to stop movie tropes before they happen,

How The Heck Did They Do That? - Cloud Tank

An edutainment series which explore movie magic, from green screen and squibs, to dolly zooms and motion capture. This episode shows how the cloud tank was born and what it was used for to create spectacular atmospheric effects.

Gnomewrecker - Trailer

Started off as a pun my friend made casually at a party, but evolved into probably the best movie title I’ve ever heard. It just lends to the premise: When a man finds his wife is cheating on him with a gnome, he turns to the help of a retired “Gnomewrecker”; a Van Helsing-esque character who trains him not only how to kick gnome ass, but to be a better husband in order to save his marriage.